Nel Aerts

Nel Aerts

25.10.2019 - 12.03.2020

The Waddle Show; a counteract

Nel Aerts’ practice combines painting, sculpture, drawing, collages, performance and film. Her explicitly figurative work is populated by often tragi-comic figures that she renders in simple lines and large blocks of colour. These characters, which recur in the most diverse media, function like masks that the artist uses intentionally to reveal or to conceal her own person.

In The Waddle Show; a counteract, these clownish figures on the walls become the audience of a theatrical stage in the middle of the exhibition space, on which Nel Aerts presents a new series of stacked sculptures. These sculptures form a kind of fragile parade of objects that are not intended to be stacked on top of one another. A coconut head rests on a soup bowl, which in turn balances precariously on a misshapen plastic cup. These sculptures are thus suggestive of a process of risk-taking and possible failure.


Curator: Valerie Verhack


Parallel with The Waddle Show; a counteract, Triangle Books is publishing the first monograph about her paintings.