Arenberg Day Trip

Combine the exhibitions with a visit to Arenberg Castle

Arenberg Day Trip

26.10.2018 - 20.01.2019
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Make the Arenbergs the focus of a full-day excursion and combine Power and Beauty exhibition at M with an exclusive tour of the iconic Arenberg Castle and the Noble Living exhibition at the University Library or a themed walk about the noble Arenbergs.


9.30 a.m.  |  A cup of coffee in a brasserie near Arenberg Castle.

10.15 a.m.  |  In the morning you have three options to choose from: 

  1. The first option is a guided tour of Arenberg Castle.
  2. The second is a guided tour of the Noble Living exhibition at the University Library about the castle and its eminent occupants.
  3. The third is a ‘noble family’-themed walk.

12.30 a.m.  |  Lunch in a restaurant in the city centre: 2-course menu (main course + starter or dessert).

2.30 p.m.  |  Meet the guide at the reception desk at M - Museum Leuven for the start of the guided tour of the Power and Beauty exhibition.

4 p.m.  |  End of the day trip.

Practical information


Price per person based on a group of minimum 20 people or a multiple thereof:

Price per person for any extras consumed with the coffee on arrival:

The prices can still vary depending on the lunch.


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