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Become a friend of M

Art needs good friends

Because together we experience more.

With your help, we can achieve more. In exchange, you will experience everything we do at M even more intensely, as a friend of the museum. For a whole year, you will enjoy free entry to the museum and as a friend, you’ll get a front row seat. Our collection and exhibitions will reveal all their secrets  to you. Curators will open their world to you. Exclusive daytrips, discounts and encounters with artists and collectors will add extra flavour to your experience. You will soon discover how much more M is able to achieve will your help and how M is able to offer a platform to meet people and network.

Choose the formula that suits you

As an M-bassador, you help build a close-knit community of enthusiastic visitors. Enjoy extra information, guided tours, an annual friends day and exclusive excursions. Share unique experiences with your partner, family, friend, neighbour and/or meet other people who share your interest in culture. On top of that, you have unlimited access to M Leuven.


M-art patron
As an M-art patron, you will help make our ambitions come true. With your contribution, we can realise artistic and socio-cultural projects, projects that benefit art and artists, but also society. In addition, you will enjoy exclusive excursions to artists' studios and collectors and get to know like-minded art lovers.

Do you also want to support M financially?
Then you can make a donation to the museum fund M-LIFE. Starting from €40, your donation is tax deductible and M can realise projects such as restorations, support for artists and educational activities. You can find all the information you need on

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Become an M-art patron


You can always contact Loes Hubrechts or Lydia Vandam with all your questions via and or by telephone on  +32 (0) 16 27 27 45.