Become an M-art patron

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Become an M-art patron

Become an M-art patron

As an M-art patron, you will help make our ambitions come true. With your contribution, we can realise artistic and socio-cultural projects, projects that benefit the art and the artists, but also the society. In addition, you will enjoy exclusive excursions to artists' studios and collectors and get to know like-minded art lovers.

What does the M-art patron formula entail?

As an M-art patron, you will enjoy unique experiences and receive invitations to

You also enjoy:


These benefits may vary and M reserves the right to change this. The up-to-date offer can always be found on the M-cenas activities page.

How much does it cost?

Joining the M-art patron club costs € 1,000 per person.
This consists of:

How do I become an M-art patron?

Kara Kankilic will be happy to help you via or by telephone on 016 27 27 45.

Renew my membership as M-art patron

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Who are our M-art patrons?

Mia Berthels, Bernard Blanpain & Katelijne Laroy, Erik Boone & Hilde Vervloet, Ann Cornelis, Viviane De Backer, Emiel De Doncker & Marie-Jeanne Vranckx, Prof Dr. Bart De Moor & Hilde Devoghel, Koen De Witte & Ana Maricevic, Hans Decroos & Lieve Van Sannen, Erwin Delvaux, Filip Dewallens, Bob Elsen, Rikky Evers & Myriam Tollet, Leen Gysen, Stefan Hensel, Diederik Jacobs & Karin Aeles, Marleen Jans, Mieke Janssens, Walter Leeman & Odessa Meynaerts, Josette Leenders, Marc Maertens, Jo Mertens, Isabelle Mostaert, Kristof Muylaert, Frederique Norman en Erwin Delvaux, Chris Punie, Victor Spaas & Geneviève Smets, Régina Stappers, Roos Struyven, Mieke Thiry, Marc Van de Velde & Cécile De Ridder, Alex Van den Bossche & Sophie D’Hollander, Paula Van Eupen, Michelle Van Hooghten, Fred Van Leuven, Van Veldhoven Paul & Ria Van den Bosch, Marc Vandecandelaere, Pieter Vereertbrugghen, Bert Verlinden & Elly Kog.


Delen Private Bank, FinFactor, IPARC, Thiry Decor, The White House Gallery, Wilgelover.