Cécile B. Evans

Cécile B. Evans

11.06.2017 - 19.11.2017

Sprung a Leak

A-Plot, B-Plot, and C-Plot- two humanoid robots and a robot dog- along with a chorus of Users, cope with information streaming in from the digital system that surrounds them. Through this system we discover Liberty, an animated beauty blogger that everyone (especially the dog) is in love with and who, apparently, needs saving from the system itself. From there, Cécile B. Evans’ (1983, Belgium-United States) unusual play unfolds across three acts.

Emotion and technology

What is the influence of new technologies on human feelings and behaviour? What are the parallels to other human made systems? In her work, Cécile B. Evans (1983, Belgium-United States) explores the value of emotion in society and how these systems impact them. In her first Belgian solo exhibition, the artist further explores the relationship between humans and machines.

A play in three acts

Her latest work, Sprung a Leak, is an automated play in three acts in which two humanoid robots, a robot dog, a chorus of users, and a fountain play the central roles. The conversations between the moving robots in the space and the performers on the television screens are reactions to information leaks. What emerges exposes emotions and vulnerabilities in an ever-changing collaboration between humans and machines.

Information Breakdown

Sprung A Leak was triggered by a recent period of time, in which the everyday felt suddenly intertwined with an increasing number of highly mediatized, highly charged events. There were attacks, coups, political scandals, epidemics. There were regular leaks of information that would reveal endless layers.

Curator: Valerie Verhack

What most of these events had in common is that they were accessed using hardware: my phone, my computer, through the bias of software: my social media, my apps, search engines. This access, these leaks, the abundance of information itself can (and has proven itself to) to be productive and powerful. But how is a situation such as this sustainable if the people who would most benefit from it have no control over it? Cécile B. Evans


Sprung a Leak is a performance that takes approximately 18 minutes. It runs continuously from 11:00 AM - 12:30 PM and from 2:00 - 5.30 PM. On Thursdays it also runs from 7:00 - 9.30 PM.

Cécile B. Evans will also present a new performance during the annual Playground festival, a collaboration between M and the STUK Arts Centre, Leuven.

Cécile B. Evans


Cécile B. Evans


Cécile B. Evans lives and works in London and Berlin. Her work has previously been shown at the Berlin Biennale (2016) and the French Halsmuseum/De Hallen Haarlem (2016) and Musée d’art moderne de la ville de Paris (2015). She also created AGNES, an online work commissioned by the Serpentine Galleries in London (2014), which is still accessible on the Serpentine website. Her work is represented by gallery Emanuel Layr in Vienna.

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