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M collaborates with a number of regular caterers

An overview of our catering partners is available on this page. You can contact them directly to discuss your requirements. M will only play a coordinating role for your event, but feel free to contact us for advice at any time.

Traiteur Timmermans

Timmermans Caterers is inspired by various cuisines. Their range varies from classic Belgian-French dishes to Asian cuisine. You can choose from readymade formulas or a menu tailored just for you. Suitable for both large and small receptions, buffets and walking dinners.

Kurt Timmermans
+32 (0) 16 46 12 00


Papillot Catering Service offers catering for receptions, walking dinners and (other) parties. Papillot specializes in the latest culinary trends and you can choose from French, Mediterranean or Asian dishes. Suitable for events for more than 50 people.

Aaron De Ceuster

+32 (0) 496 50 08 03

Carpe Diem

Carpe Diem provides catering services for parties, dinners and receptions for individuals, businesses, cultural organizations and government departments. Suitable for both intimate dinners and large-scale banquets for more than 1000 people.

Jan Wirix Sr.

+32 (0) 12 23 53 65

Les Frères Debekker

The dishes prepared by Les Frères Debekker vary from classical Mediterranean cuisine to Asian food. Suitable for receptions, sandwich lunches, light buffets and all kinds of dinners.

Grégoire Morelli

+32 (0) 2 763 00 40


Foodstories offers a wide selection and adapts to the rhythm of the seasons. Foodstories provides five elaborate catering formulas. They also offer a standard range of drinks selected by resident sommelier Steve Bette.

Bart Vrancken

+32 (0) 474 90 14 59



Looking for a variety of catering options that differ from conventional fare? Then you've come to the right place at Convento Food! They prepare fresh, homemade dishes in their kitchen in the Mechelsestraat in Leuven. Convento Food offers all-in concepts, such as receptions with a twist, tempting cold and/or hot buffets with fish, meat and vegetarian dishes, delicious dessert buffets, and they also offer vegan and/or allergen-free alternatives. Contact us for a price proposal tailored to your question!


Laura Massa

+32(0)494 60 85 23


Het land aan de overkant

Het Land aan de Overkant has been a gastronomic restaurant on the green ring road of Leuven for 20 years. Straightforward, uncomplicated and quirky. The catering is of a high culinary standard, pays a lot of attention to the decoration and the choice of wine but distinguishes itself above all for its personal approach that turns every event into a party.


Luc Roelandt

+32(0)16 22 61 81


Wups biocatering

Their philosophy? Prepare fresh, organic ingredients according to traditional methods to create tasty dishes tailored to the customer's needs. Vegetarian, vegan, gluten and/or milk-free dishes are part of our standard range. Adjustments for food allergies/intolerances are also possible at any time. You can contact Wups for receptions, dinner buffets, lunch, brunch & breakfast.


Katrien Demaiter

+32(0)470 62 09 67


Elsen Kaasambacht

Elsen Kaasambacht has been known in Leuven for more than 25 years for its traditional and perfectly refined cheeses.

This is where you can find all kinds of cheese buffets. They also offer receptions with cheese snacks or hot and cold snacks for groups of 50 people or more.

Choose from the fixed formulas or contact them for a tailor-made concept.


Els Dereze

+32 (0)16 22 13 10