Ecce Homo. Behold Mankind

Ecce Homo. Behold Mankind

Lieve Blancquaert

10.06.2016 - 17.01.2017

Scratches on the soul

Suffering occurs in all ages. But our depictions and representations of it change. Photographer and documentary filmmaker Lieve Blancquaert (°1963, Sint-Amandsberg) connects to the ancient tradition of depicting suffering. She was inspired by the M-Collection and places her own works between the museum pieces.

A video about a woman who lost her child in war, a series of photos taken in a hospital emergency room, a triptych of a family in a refugee camp or images that focus on poverty, each engage in dialogue with pietas and depositions from the cross.


Curators: Marjan Debaene & Peter Carpreau


Digital print on baryta paper
17,4 x 26 cm
250 copies
For every art edition that is sold, €5 goes to Minor-Ndako