Ellie Ga

Ellie Ga

14.11.2014 - 25.01.2015


Combining narrative genres such as the essay and travelogue, Ellie Gaʼs (1976, New York) projects explore the limits of photographic documentation. Her projects are research intensive and often center on the artist’s role as interpreter within historical frameworks. M shows her project Pharoswhich comprises a series of videos, sculptures and photographs based on the Pharos Lighthouse at Alexandria, one of the seven wonders of the ancient world.

Ellie Ga studied marine archaeology in Alexandria in 2012 and began a drift of research across the modern city, into its archives and libraries and among its underwater remains. Her narratives draw upon an archive of photographs, video footage, documents, objects and interviews - and describes the journey of an artist lost in the process of research. 

During the Playground-festival (13 until 16.11.2014), she presented her new performance Eureka, a lighthouse play, also based on her work in Alexandria.