Food for thought | About the soft and the productive museum

08.04 | About the soft and the productive museum

A conversation with Adam Caruso and Freek Persyn

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That German artist Thomas Demand is fascinated by architecture, is an understatement. But, to what extent does museum architecture provide an answer to today’s challenges for museums? Valerie Verhack, curator of Demands ‘HOUSE OF CARD’ in M, talks about it with architects Adam Caruso (Caruso St John Architects) and Freek Persyn (51N4E).

They worked on architecture proposals for two Belgian museums: ‘KANAL’ in Brussels (in collaboration with Thomas Demand) and ‘M HKA’ in Antwerp. As both proposals will never be realized, the architects will show their plans to a broad audience for the first time.


Based on the designs, Valerie Verhack, curator Contemporary Art at M, will talk to them about two approaches to museum architecture in Belgium: "the soft museum" and "the productive museum". Adam and Freek talk about their collaboration with Thomas Demand and explain how their proposals came about.


Adam Caruso

Adam Caruso

Adam Caruso studied Architecture at McGill University. Together with Peter St John he founded Caruso St John Architects in 1990. Their portfolio includes public and commercial projects as well as projects on the UNESCO World Heritage List. Adam regularly writes articles for international architecture publications and teaches at ETH Zurich.

Freek Persyn

Freek Persyn

Freek Persyn graduated in 1997 from Sint-Lucas in Brussels, shortly afterwards he co-founded 51N4E. This international architectural firm designs projects that contribute to social and urban transformations. Freek also works as a professor at ETH Zurich.


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This reading is organised in collaboration with A+ Architecture in Belgium

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