Group Visit Borman and Sons

Group Visit

Borman and Sons

20.09.2019 - 26.01.2020
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‘The best sculptor’: that is how Jan II Borman was known in the early 16th century. And rightly so, given that he continued the idiom of the Flemish Primitives such as Dirk Bouts and was a forerunner of Bruegel. Moreover, you can safely call his work as masterful and influential as that of his contemporary Jeroen Bosch.

In september Borman and Sons, the first retrospective of this master woodcarver and his family, opens in M. Of the more than 280 sculptures attributed to the Bormans, around 100 will be shown in M, alongside thirty or so works by his contemporaries. A unique opportunity to become acquainted with this artist dynasty, which originated in Leuven.

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