Help to restore Dirk Bouts' Martyrdom of Saint Erasmus

Follow in the footsteps of medieval donors

Help to restore Dirk Bouts' Martyrdom of Saint Erasmus

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Preserving art and heritage for everyone, forever. That is the mission of M-LIFE, the fund that M – Museum Leuven founded within the King Baudouin Foundation and which is offi - cially recognized as a charity. M is pursuing several restoration projects with the support of this fund. One of these projects is the restoration of this painting, The Martyrdom of Saint Erasmus by the Leuven painter Dirk Bouts, one of the leading Flemish Primitives.

This masterpiece has remained in its original location for almost 600 years, here in Saint Peter’s Church in Leuven. Even more remarkable is the fact that this work was painted specifically for this space. In short: unique Flemish heritage of the very best quality.

By restoring and researching the painting scientifically, M aims to preserve this stunning piece of craftsmanship in the best possible condition for the following generations. Fundraising for the restoration and research is almost complete, but we are not quite there yet. And you can play a pivotal role because your contribution will help us to get one step closer to the €2,000 we still need. Follow in the footsteps of medieval donors and help us to restore Bouts’ masterpiece so that M can preserve this Leuven gem for at least 600 more years!

You can easily make a donation, however large or small, at Together we can achieve great things.

Where will your donation go?

Every donation we receive will be spent entirely on the painting’s conservation (cleaning, removing the varnish and conserving the paint). The total cost of the renovation is broken down as follows:

Preliminary research - Analysis - Imaging

Cleaning - Varnish removal - Paint conservation

Retouching - Finalizing restoration

Disassembly -  Work to the frame - Cradling and other costs 
(transport, materials, administration)