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From 25.10 until 30.10.2021, M would like to welcome you inside and outside the museum walls for the annual ICOM CECA conference. On Saturday 30.10, several fieldtrips are scheduled.

Four Belgian cities have prepared a wonderful and inspiring programme for you, full of museum visits and practical examples around the theme of co-creation. You will also have the opportunity to exchange experiences with other museum professionals and conference participants. It's up to you to choose what you want to immerse yourself in; you may register for just one city. More information on this offer can be found below.


Price for one fieldtrip is € 50, including transport to and from Leuven, coffee and lunch, travel costs within the city and entrance fees to the various museums.


08:00 | Meet at Leuven Station


08:15 – 09:30 | Train from Leuven to Antwerp, Ghent, Mons or Liège


Four museums in Antwerp will give you a unique look behind the scenes and tell you more about their co-creative projects and participatory processes through the workings of their house. In the Red Star Line Museum, in the morning, you will get an exclusive insight into the co-creative operation on the basis of stories and insights from the participants themselves. You discover the museum presentation at your own pace and head for the afternoon programme with inspiring tips.

In the afternoon, you can choose from a variety of offerings: FOMU, Museum Plantin-Moretus and the MAS invite you backstage and explain their most recent co-creative projects. Finally, you will get the chance to visit the renewed MoMu, in the form of a short guided tour through its functioning and its new exhibitions.


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Co-creation is second nature to the museums of Ghent; both inside and outside the museum walls, they are not averse to creating together. More souls leads to more joy, more knowledge, more insights and more quality.


Seven museums in Ghent give you an insight into their operations and projects. S.M.A.K. invites three befriended museums (MSK, Design Museum Gent and Huis van Alijn) to discuss co-creation with you during the morning session. They will give an insight into their experiences and projects by means of various inspiring talks.

In the afternoon, you will get the chance to discover co-creation for yourself in one of the Ghent museums. Four museums (Museum of Industry, STAM, Museum Dr. Guislain and S.M.A.K) will take you on a tour of their museum.


Each museum has its own history and speciality so co-creation takes many forms and shapes, it's up to you to discover them!


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Welcome to Mons, a surprising and lively city in the south of Belgium. During this trip you will discover several museums and sites in the city. Central to the trip is a visit to MuseumLab.

MuseumLab presents itself as a space for experimentation and pilot projects, positioning the cultural sector as a player in the process of developing innovative technologies geared to the major challenges of tomorrow. The intention is to involve the public in the development process as future users of this technology. In other words, the project leader benefits from museums (in the broadest sense of the word) and their public as a third place for experimentation and validation of the developed pre-prototypes.

MuseumLab is a place of co-creation, where the project leader works together with researchers, specialists, engineers, companies and visitors.

Come and discover this first Belgian incubation laboratory for experiments and development of new technologies! At the same time, visit the Artothèque, a unique place for the preservation of the entire museum heritage of Montpellier.


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If participants wish, they can already come to Mons on Friday evening 29/10. We recommend that you stay at the Van Der Valk Hotel (located a few minutes' walk from the Mons railway station and the Artotheek). The colleagues from Mons will be happy to receive you and have dinner with you in the hotel.


Two museums in Liège give you an insight into their workings. In the morning, the Prehistoric Museum is on the programme and in the afternoon you are welcome at the Museum of Walloon Life.

Prehistoric museum

Prehistoric museum

What if a plant labyrinth took stock of the earth's settlement and everyone's identity...

What if the game of "the pack ice" was revised, it would help us to understand why we have to leave...

What if migration paradigms were played with dice....

What if the notion of equilibrium was a coin toss...

And what if everyone's path to migration could be modelled with a dream catcher....


Come and discover how the School of Education and the Prehistoric Museum are joining forces to create a journey that will make children see migration in a different way.

Museum of Walloon Life

Museum of Walloon Life

At the Museum of Walloon Life, you are welcome to try out the "Let your voice be heard" activity. The activity is supervised by two entertainers: one from the Museum of Walloon Life, the other from Infor-Femmes family planning. The themes discussed will make it possible to discuss a number of sensitive issues related to "living together" and its challenges in our society. Between history and current affairs, this participatory activity will provide an opportunity to understand the need to create a partnership and a co-creation project in order to establish a quality offer for the visitor, through two complementary approaches and experiences.

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ICOM CECA conference

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