Issue three of M

The magazine of M

Issue three

These days, the world seems to be spinning at rocket speed and at a snail’s pace simultaneously. Whatever the particular speed of your own world at the moment, we are here for you. Twice a year, we gather small and large stories that take place in and around M. Stories about our collection, about our colleagues, about partners, friends, visitors and projects. As well as something about you. Because without you, M would not be M. So, at least twice a year you can ignore the rest of the world for a while and dive into the world of M.


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Exhibitions, collection presentations and projects

At M, you will discover contemporary talent and old masters under the same roof. The museum rooms are in constant transformation. Meet the artists and curators, scenographers and restorers, collaborators and volunteers who ensure that no two visits to M are ever the same, but always a new and exciting discovery.

City festival of the Big Bang


Solo exhibition at M

Vincent Geyskens

‘The Constant Glitch’:

why M supports emerging talent

Discover the collection:


Behind the scenes at M: the museum depot

Treasures in the basement

M supports upcoming talent


Friends of M

Art needs good friends. The M-bassadors and M-art patrons are close to M’s heart. Our friends are curious art lovers who get an insider view of everything that happens at M. They also take part in inspiring and enriching events such as guided tours by curators, staff members and guides, excursions to art locations, in-depth lectures… Moreover, they have access to a platform where they can engage in dialogue with other friends, artists and the experts at M during the many activities we organize.

Friends of M:

Portrait of an M-bassador Family

At home with an M-art patron:

The collection of Leen and David

Delen Private Bank

about their partnership with M

Art made to measure

As a museum, we make it a point of honour to make art as accessible as possible. And that also means developing tailored presentations. M offers artistic experiences to all kinds of visitors, both young and old. But also, for example, to groups of colleagues, friends and families.

Five years of ‘Art Bridge’:

The Mater Dei school and M look back on a special project

Issue three


M and KU Leuven research

How do we look at art?

We make M

M is made by employeesvolunteersoccasional staffthe Board of Directorsfriends of M and all the people who visit so often they seem like part of the family.


M is the free magazine of M Leuven. It is published twice a year: from February to June and from September to January. Congratulations! You have the third issue of our new magazine in your hands. Enjoy it – we enjoyed making it.


Worked on this issue:

M Leuven is a museum and visual arts platform that makes meaningful connections across time, with society and between artistic disciplines. M Leuven realises its international ambitions from its basis in the knowledge-driven city of Leuven.

A new edition of M, a new photographer

It is the start of a beautiful tradition: for each edition of this magazine there, a different photographer has stood behind the camera. Let us introduce you: Thomas Ost, born in Antwerp and living in Brussels. Thomas graduated as a documentary film-maker from RITCS, but has a taught himself photography. His photos stand out because of their surprising, intimate settings. They have already been seen in Bruzz, De Tijd/L’Echo, The Word Magazine and more. Much more.


What is your process?

First I look for an environment or background that gives me a sense of something. That is a key moment in my work: finding an arena in which my subject can exist. If the environment – the composition of elements that frame a subject – is not right, it is difficult for me to capture an image.

I work primarily on pellicle. Not so much for the visual quality, but because of the time factor. Because I have to send my images to the lab to have them developed first, I have time to forget about the image. That is crucial for me. I photograph because I enjoy capturing moments. I look, click and forget. If the time between taking the picture and the final result is insufficient, I am somehow disappointed. Then the thrill of the making weighs too heavily.

For this assignment, I kept entering into dialogue with the people in front of my camera. I was the author of the environment, the static space so to speak; they were the author of the portrait, because they themselves chose the moment at which to take the picture – we worked with a self-timer that the person portrayed could operate himself. I feel that this way of working corresponds to the period in which we live.


What do you remember about your assignment for M?

The museum depot! My ideal museum would be a depot. I have a weakness for the multiplicity of things: collections, archives....


What or who inspires you in your work?

I find my inspiration on the spot, in the very moment of being photographed. The tangibility of an environment, the sum of materials, architecture, details... That is what attracts me.

What’s right is right!

M Leuven is committed to paying talent correctly for the work they do. That is why we have joined ‘Juist is juist’ (Fair is fair), an initiative of oKo (Overleg Kunstenorganisaties)‘Juist is juist’ supports arts organisations and workers by creating an environment of clear agreements, fine collaborations, correct remuneration, good working conditions and transparency.