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M currently finances a quarter of its operations through its own means. Along with the entire cultural sector, we are now facing the challenge to find additional financing for new projects, to cover the costs that exceed our daily operations. 

Your contribution to M-LIFE, however great or small, will guarantee the future of various M-projects. For everyone, forever. You can decide how much to give. 

Would you like to support M’s general operations? Or would you prefer to support one of our specific projects? The choice is yours!

'The Constant Glitch'

Since 2020, the global pandemic has left the world in a constant state of emergency. It is no secret: the cultural sector was and is under pressure. Emerging talent has less room to create. M, the City of Leuven and Cera joined forces to provide oxygen.


The City of Leuven and Cera each made €50,000 available and the crowdfunding campaign 'Art is for everyone' by M-LIFE, the museum fund of M Leuven, added more than €15,000. Thanks to this collaboration and the gifts from the 271 donors, 19 artists are supported with the purchase of 37 works. All purchases will be exhibited in 'The Constant Glitch', named after one of the selected works.