In the search of Utopia

Beyond the horizon

Part 3

Depicting the unknown

Utopia marks the beginning of a period of intense innovation and voyages of discovery to new worlds beyond the horizon. Artists were fuelled by curiosity and their creativity was invigorated like never before. In this part of the exhibition In Search of Utopia, you will follow in their footsteps and discover the unbridled power of their imaginations. 


Beyond the Horizon is a magnificent collection of mythical unicorns, exotic animals and valuable pigments that arrived in our region for the first time. You will meet monsters and bizarre wild people from distant lands. The World Beyond the Horizon became much less mysterious after the French cartographer Pierre Desceliers drew his famous Mappa mundi on parchment for the French king. Distant and unknown regions of the Americas, Asia and Africa were an immense source of inspiration.


Stories and fantasies fed the imaginations of artists and resulted in art-historical masterpieces. The discovery of the world gained considerable speed in this period, and this part of the exhibition reveals how artists transformed this exciting period into innovation: Beyond the Horizon – Depicting the Unknown. M has rarely had the privilege of exhibiting so many masterpieces.