People with disabilities

People with disabilities

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'M' for 'Made to Measure'

Visiting M is always an unforgettable experience. We have specially designed tours for the blind and visually impaired, people with dementia, non-Dutch speaking newcomers, and many others. Assistants and companions enter the museum for free.


To limit the spread of the coronavirus we ask that visitors book a timeslot in advance and as much as possible online. This enables us to stagger visits safely throughout the day.

Accessible museum

M is the first ‘A-ble ambassador’ and collaborates closely with the Advisory Council for Accessibility of the City of Leuven. Together, we strive for inclusion, diversity and accessibility, and aim to make M a place for everyone.

Wheelchair accessible

M’s architecture literally aims to lower thresholds. In addition to specially equipped disabled bathrooms, ramps, and accessible rooms, M has two wheelchairs and 20 folding chairs at your disposal. We are happy to reserve them for you if you contact us via or +32 (0)16 27 29 29. Seeing-eye dogs are of course also very welcome.

Accompaniment from the station

If you would like assistance getting to the museum, please let us know three days in advance and one of our guides will assist you both to and from the station.