Playground 2020

Live arts in Leuven

Playground Festival 2020 (canceled)

19.11.2020 - 22.11.2020
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in STUK & M Leuven

Dear visitor


When we were working on the 14th edition of Playground festival this spring and summer, we knew there was a chance the festival would not take place. However, for a long time it looked like we would be able to show the work of this exciting group of artists, albeit for a small audience. But in recent weeks, it became entirely clear that Playground 2020 will only exist on paper.


STUK and M put together a programme for Playground 2020 with care, with artists that all operate in the exciting field between art forms, often on the intersection of performing and visual arts. They all create new images that reflect on art and the world, bringing together objects and bodies in their performances. These artists fit perfectly in the sanctuary that Playground has been for 14 years.


That is why we chose to publish this brochure, as a catalogue for an exhibition that only took place in our head. We won’t let go of these artists and support them financially too. We are happy to give them a place in the long Playground tradition, so their work can come to life in your head as well. Because imagination, now, is more important than ever.


Lore Boon & Eva Wittocx - M Leuven
Steven Vandervelden - STUK


Curators Playground 2020