ICOM CECA conference

ICOM CECA conference | Digital and in Leuven (Belgium)

Cocreation inside and outside the museum walls

25.10 - 30.10.21

From 25.10 until 30.10.2021, M would like to welcome you inside and outside the museum walls for the annual ICOM CECA conference. The first two days of the conference will take place digitally. The next days you are welcome in Belgium for the continuation of the conference. In addition to Leuven, the central meeting place, there is also a program in which you can discover museums in other Belgian cities.


You can book your ticket for the conference until 10.10.2021. The digital programme and the programme in Belgium are complementary, but can also be followed separately.

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25 - 26.10

We start with two digital days full of interesting lectures, research, best practice awards and two interesting keynote speakers. None other than Nina Simon and Pat Villeneuve will speak about the theme of the conference: participation inside and outside the museum walls.


The digital conference is free. Registration is required.

ICOM CECA conference | Digital

Monday 25.10

ICOM CECA conference | Digital

Tuesday 26.10

Leuven & Brussels

28 - 29.10

On Thursday 28.10 you are welcome in M for workshops, special interest groups, research workshops, poster sessions and lectures. On Friday 29.10, a field trip to Brussels, the capital of Belgium, is on the agenda.


Participating in the full program costs €150. Registration is required.

ICOM CECA conference

M Leuven

ICOM CECA conference




On Saturday 30.10, several fieldtrips are scheduled. Four Belgian cities have prepared a wonderful and inspiring programme for you, full of museum visits and practical examples around the theme of co-creation.


Participating in one of the field trips costs € 50. Registration is required.

ICOM CECA conference